Make your own Beeswax Wraps!

Plus save yourself all the sticky grinding, melting and mixing as this mixture has the perfect amounts of every ingredient to make you DIY wrap a success.

A full set of instructions and three small sized pieces of fabric ready to wax is provided.

Great gift for adults and children of all ages.

One block will give you enough wax to wax the small and medium sized fabric provided with some left over to refresh your wraps when they get tired or to make another with your own fabric.

Two blocks will give you enough to add your own funky fabrics. We also sell the wax blocks on there own.

You will need

Iron, a vege peeler, baking paper

paintbrush, a small pot, a small jar or bowl

Things will get messy so we recommend having seperate tools just for making your wraps, beeswax is very hard to get off kitchen utensils!

DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit


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