This Bathroom & Shower Cleaning Spray is made SIMPLY, is SAFE to use and is SUSTAINABLE.

Made using the powerful cleaning properties of 100% pure essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Lemon, the scents pretty amazing!

Contains zero chemicals #nonasties, just simple ingredients you will recognize and feel safe using in your home.

Use this Shower & Bathroon Spray on all Bathroom surfaces,  to effectively remove soap scum and keep things super fresh and clean.  The chosen essential oils used here are antibacterial and also help combat mould & mildew so ideal for damp areas in the home.

Safe to use around pets and the humans you live with

Glass bottles made to be reused & refilled with our 1L refills or refillery held at Edgecumbe fortnightly Farmers Market.

Biodegradeable & grey tank safe.

Handmade by me here in Edgecumbe, Bay of Plenty

Bathroom/Shower Cleaning Spray