Hi! Im Raili, Mama to three and wife to one.  We are lucky enough to reside in the sunny Bay of Plenty and this is my small business.

After noticing the highly toxic ingredients listed on many of our household products it led me on the path to reduce these chemicals in our home.

Here I hope to show people just how easy and affordable it is to use safe, ecofriendly homemade recipes in place of commercial cleaners.

With my Homemade Cleaner Reuseable Glass Bottles the recipes and measurements are available labelled right on the side of the bottle, making it simple to make the change.

I would like to give people the confidence to start their journey to living more sustainably.  Reducing waste and protecting this beautiful place we call home.

I am continually searching and adding affordable ecofriendly products to my site which are safe alternatives to replace common household products.

I welcome you and wish you well on your journey to more sustainable living for the health of your Home and your Planet

Raili xx